South Pasadena

United Security Services applies its knowledge, experience, and resources to address all the security needs of its South Pasadena clients by providing Security guards and security patrol guards. The long-term success of United Security is highly-based on its reputation for customized security service and the outstanding performance and professionalism of all its security personnel.

Safe and Trusted Security

United Security Services has grown into a mature and stable security organization with a large number of employees who are well-positioned at sites throughout South Pasadena, including some of the most respected health care, industrial and retail facilities of California.

Some of the services we offer our South Pasadena clients include (but not limited to):

  • South Pasadena Apartment/Housing security services
  • South Pasadena Event Security
  • South Pasadena Commercial Security
  • South Pasadena Construction Site security
  • South Pasadena Mall Security
  • South Pasadena Retail Security
  • South Pasadena Gated Communities security
  • South Pasadena armed security guards
  • South Pasadena unarmed security guards
  • South Pasadena fire watch security services
  • South Pasadena security patrol services
  • South Pasadena mobile patrol services

South Pasadena Construction site security services by United Security:

The prime target areas for theft and vandalism in South Pasadena are construction sites. The California area has become a hotbed for “street recyclers,” and these recyclers spend every day and night stripping South Pasadena sites of all the copper they can find. Construction machinery and cranes are also highly-targeted by the street recyclers. A downcast construction site is an open invitation to these individuals.

A uniformed South Pasadena security guard of United Security acts as both – a deterrent and as prevention. Our South Pasadena security guards are well-trained and highly-monitored to both surveys and patrol a construction site according to a program or strategy that is well-designed and approved by clients. Our South Pasadena security patrol team visits every shift and maintains hourly safety checks with all construction staff. This additional visibility of marked patrol vehicles by United Security considerably enhances the visibility of your security team on the construction site.

A South Pasadena construction security guard of United Security will:

  • Patrol and protect property
  • Control Site Access
  • Respond to Alarms
  • Monitor hot spots, water leaks and electrical issues
  • Keep Security Logs and make daily reports
  • Dispatch extra United Security Personnel, if required

South Pasadena mobile patrol security services by United Security:

The security patrol services of United Security are highly-customized to meet the unique needs of our South Pasadena clients. The responsibilities of our Mobile Patrol Supervisors include: locking and unlocking facilities, closing windows, turning lights and heating/cooling systems on and off, conducting drive-by security checks, providing after-hours security escorts, and responding to alarms.

Our South Pasadena security team can also help you maximize the effectiveness of mobile patrols by posting warning signs that say your property is currently being “protected”, “monitored” or “patrolled”. It does not matter if you already have our South Pasadena security guard in place. Our patrol services can provide an extra boost in security.

Few of the benefits of having our Mobile Patrols are: 

  • Our South Pasadena security patrol services can prove to be more cost-effective than a stationed security guard.
  • Security patrol service is an excellent solution for clients with multiple sites and locations in South Pasadena.
  • Marked patrol cars of United Security tell thieves and vandals that your construction site is under surveillance.
  • United Security can also patrol properties and facilities that are too big for foot patrols.

South Pasadena retail and shopping mall security services by United Security:

The South Pasadena security team of United Security fully understands that retail centers such as big-box plazas, shopping centers, and high-end detached stores have unique security needs and challenges. Our security team will consider your security needs when designing and implementing their security coverage.

Partnering with United Security will allow your South Pasadena retail facility to keep your consumers returning, feeling safe to have a pleasant shopping experience. Our security company has decades of experience in protecting retail shopping centers. Our security team fully understands that your employees and customers need to feel secure and safe when they shop with you.

Our South Pasadena retail security guards deployed to shopping facilities are well-trained and fully-experienced in dealing with crowd control, exterior patrols, parking lot patrols, deterring thefts, after-hours access, loiterers, and, of course, finding lost children.

If we have not mentioned the security service you need in South Pasadena, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We have an expert team that can customize security service as per your security requirements.

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