South El Monte


South El Monte office of United Security is fully-comprised of only professionals with varying backgrounds including those from South El Monte, California state and federal police departments. The security experts, at United Security, have years of experience conducting and managing large-scale security services within corporate frameworks across California.

Our team in South El Monte specializes in disability, regulatory compliance and security services to provide our clients with real-time information. This information, further, allows our South El Monte clients to make more informed and strategic decisions for their organizations and residential areas.

Combined with our stringent selection process, industry-leading training and excellent customer service, you can see why United Security has the highest client retention rate of any other security company in entire California.

Whether you’re looking for professional South El Monte security guards or specialized services, the team of United Security will take the time to understand the security challenges you face and help you develop an integrated security program. The security program will be individually customized to address your particular situation, budget, and needs.

What makes United Security different?

The Southern California regions are renowned for its sheer population density, and each of these regions, including South El Monte, is unique and has different security needs. United Security understands that!

That is the reason why we have specialized agents and well-trained South El Monte security guards that are well acquainted with the areas. They are well suited to guide and protect any prospective client. Why wait? Give United Security a call, and we will set you up!

Remember that United Security does not care where you are in California, who you are, or what kind of security services you need; we have got your back. United Security believes in getting you the South El Monte security services you deserve. No matter where you are in South El Monte or entire California, the security patrol and security guards teams of United Security will serve you with the same level of care and personalization as someone in the same block as us. We assure you that your safety and security is our number one priority.

That is what makes United Security different than the rest of other security companies in California. We are known to fully understand the business, client needs, budget, and area first. After that, we fulfill the requirement for security services accordingly and in the best possible way.

Our South El Monte services:

The uniforms of United Security are law enforcement grade – built to withstand the hardest circumstances while looking highly professional. The teams of United Security have different attire for different situations, such as Class A uniforms, blazers, and suit and tie outfits. The pieces of equipment provided for duty belts ranges from various types of earpieces, flashlights, gloves, handcuffs, zip ties, firearms, radios, batons, and pepper spray, as qualified training allows.

South El Monte security services of United Security include but not limited to:

  • South El Monte Apartment/Housing security services
  • South El Monte Event Security
  • South El Monte Commercial Security
  • South El Monte Security patrol services
  • South El Monte Construction Site security
  • South El Monte Mall Security
  • South El Monte Retail Security
  • South El Monte Gated Communities security
  • South El Monte armed security guards
  • South El Monte unarmed security guards
  • South El Monte fire watch security services

24/7 response:

The South El Monte security team of United Security understands the importance of a swift response. When your need arises, a reply from United Security is minutes away. We are always on our foot to receive your instructions and dispatch a South El Monte security officer to your location within minutes.

United understands that in times of emergency, everyone needs an immediate response. We at United Security Services understand that and are well-prepared to dispatch a team of our qualified South El Monte security officers to your location, regardless of where it is. There is no chance that we can deny a request or call.

The 24/7 command centre of United Security is well-equipped with the ability to provide emergency staff response or patrol vehicle response – any time of day. United Security operates 24/7 and fully understands that the security needs of South El Monte clients are often unexpected. Our team is also well-trained to handle 24/7 alarm responses, ATM security responses, and standing guards response whenever needed. Contact United Security services anytime and someone from our team will be more than happy to provide you with a secure solution.