United Security is a leading provider of unarmed and armed security guards and other private security services throughout California. It is a fact of life that both Rosemead armed and unarmed security guards have become commonplace in today’s culture. They are highly-employed across a wide variety of Rosemead areas such as parking garages, corporate offices, residential buildings, and hotels. With our decades of experience in the security industry, we believe that hiring Rosemead unarmed security guards is the best deterrent for any potential crime against your Rosemead business.

​United Security has worked with Rosemead clients across all industry areas to deliver tailored security guard and security patrol solutions. All our Rosemead unarmed and armed security guards are highly-experienced and fully-licensed per the California state requirements. Additionally, our Rosemead security guards have undertaken comprehensive physical training courses specific to each of our Rosemead clients.

​Having grown exponentially over the recent years, United Security has become renowned for employing the most experienced security guards, CCTV monitoring and management team in the security business. Our Rosemead teams of security guards and security patrols are fully-licensed and best-trained to handle any situation.

Our Rosemead management team is matchless and only comprises of industry-leading security experts, each of whom plays a vital role with all of our Rosemead clients.

Rosemead security patrol services

United Security is the leading Mobile Patrol service provider in Rosemead and other areas of California and has been for over decades. No matter if you have a single Rosemead site or multiple sites, we can deliver.

United Security Patrols are an effective alternative to Manned Rosemead Security Guards – providing a visual deterrent to protect your asset, property, and people. Similarly, United Security Patrols can be used to carry out building fabrication checks during out-of-hours.

In conclusion, our Rosemead mobile Security Patrols are not only an excellent visual deterrent against crime but also a cost-effective solution which incorporates the following:

  • Fully Uniformed Rosemead Guards and Marked Patrols Vehicles
  • Internal Security Patrols
  • Ability to Cover Unsafe Areas
  • Quick Response to sudden Incidents
  • Incident Reports every hour
  • High visibility boards both – at the entrance and exit points
  • Full Rosemead Site Management
  • External Security Patrols
  • Real-time Patrol Management System

The Rosemead security patrols team of united security can also carry out internal mobile patrols, where the Rosemead Mobile Patrol Officer will enter your premises. In the end, this will ensure all fixtures (including windows and doors) are properly-locked.

Rosemead fire watch services

One of our specialities at United Security is the provision of licensed, professional, and experienced Rosemead fire watch services at highly competitive rates. All Rosemead security guards of United Security are specifically-trained in providing fire watch services to all the clients. They remain on-site until our Rosemead client’s fire protection system is fully operational, fully-inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

​Fire watch service has become a necessity in California for the construction industry, office/residential buildings, hotels, warehouses, and events, to act as a safety measure. The first thing that our Rosemead security guards will do is familiarize them with your building. The second thing they will do is making frequent inspection patrols of your entire Rosemead site as per the California state requirements. Any potential issues are then immediately conveyed by our Rosemead management team so that they can be well-addressed.

​The speciality services in Rosemead must be fully-undertaken by a private security company, such as United Security. United Security is a security company in California that ensures its Rosemead security guards are fully-trained and highly-experienced to conduct Rosemead fire watch services. The last thing you want is to receive a fine in thousands, or worse still, have your Rosemead business shut down, as a result of inadequate fire watch precautions.

​Our Rosemead security guards will ensure the safety of your infrastructure, property, and people.

​Contact United Security today and speak with one of our operational managers to discuss your Rosemead fire watch security requirements.

Rosemead event security and crowd control services

Rosemead event security and crowd control services help to ensure the safety of those at an event, from the guests to your staff. Because we firmly believe that poorly managed event safety can be disastrous.

However, don’t worry! The teams of United Security have it covered.


  • Rosemead Safety Officers
  • Incident Response Security
  • First Aid Services
  • 24-hour Operational Control Centre
  • Rosemead Manned Guarding Officers
  • Traffic Management
  • CCTV Monitoring Team
  • Safety Training
  • Event Security Risk Management
  • Event Safety Planning