Security Guards

Security Guards


The oldest form of protection and security is guarding. However, over the years, the security industry has become dynamic, and the involved security techniques have also seen a significant change. But, still, one of the most commonly used and most effective security measures is manned security guarding. The presence of a strong visual deterrent security guard on the site is an incredible way of ensuring the protection of personnel and premises.

United Security Services is one of the leading security guard companies in Los Angeles and has been providing bespoke security solutions in and around Los Angeles since years. To ensure the protection of our clients’ property, possessions, and people, we work closely with them to customize a security solution that fully suits their needs.

Hire reliable security guards and officers with United Security Services

From security guards to the CCTV control room team, our security officers complete their training program, designed to cultivate individual as well as team skill sets. The broad network of trained security officers, at United Security Services, provides security solutions and makes a custom security plan not only to protect you against threats but also to meet your specific needs.

When you partner with us, you can depend on our well-qualified team of security officers’ experience and expertise. Well-trained to the very best standards, our team of security guards offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services to put your mind at ease. We don’t hesitate to provide an added edge in protecting your interests, and our management team always makes sure that the entire security team is working for you.

When looking for ‘security guard companies Los Angeles,’ we are the name to rely on. From security patrol and crowd control to real-time monitoring and concierge duties, United Security Services has got you covered. Whether you need Security guards Los Angeles services to control access to a bustling corporate office or to provide gatehouse security for your business in Los Angeles, our team of unbeatable security officers will take care of all your concerns.


From the strict ongoing training of our security guards to careful field supervision to the appearance of security guards, we take pride in what services we provide and how we represent our clients. Our security guards are attentive, courteous, and trained enough to go above and beyond to fit into clients’ specific needs and to secure their interests thoroughly.

Customer service

Our responsibility to protect you doesn’t end with assigning you the field supervisors and guards. For immediate responsiveness and communication with all the guards and supervisors assigned to you, we provide you with the security dispatch center that is 24*7 available to you. Also, the network of communication ensures that your every need is addressed. We pride ourselves in providing you with the care, protection, and excellent services.


Screened, qualified, experienced, vetted, and supported by the latest technologies, our guarding teams perform the oversight for you. Adopting GPS technology, our CCTV control room team keeps a record of all Security guards, knowing where they are at a given point of time. The purpose of our monitoring is to not only know what the guards are doing or where they are. We monitor our guards so that we can direct and instruct them and help them to keep criminals at bay while sitting in the control room.

Protection is the bottom line.

We aim to provide maximum protection of your interest with our best security solutions in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on delivering fabulous value and exceptional customer service. Our management system is organized to assure that our field operations establish a secure, co-operative, and responsive environment for each of our clients. Our ‘security guards Los Angeles’ services provide peace of mind, keeping security guards at the top of their game, both in the service and technology.

Your trust on us is what feeds our passion of keeping you, your business, and your employees protected. That’s why we don’t want you to leave with any doubts before hiring our ‘security officer Los Angeles’ services. Ask us as many essential questions as you can so that you can be prepared to make the right choice of making us your partner in protecting your business or property.

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