Welcome to United Security, where your safety is our priority. 

The security management team members of United Security have decades of real hands-on security experience in the field of security, offering residential, commercial, industrial, and private security services. United Security is one of the top-tier security companies available in Torrance and the entire state of California today. Our goal is to provide our Torrance customers with the best Torrance security services to keep our customers as repeat clientele for the future. United Security prides itself on customer care, customer service, and most of all – customer satisfaction. The only mission we have is protecting you and making you feel safe and secure in our care.

Mission statement – United Security Services Torrance

United is on its mission to remove worries for Torrance clients who require security for their facilities, buildings, and events by providing exceptional customer service and in-depth training for its Torrance security guards that will lead to professional and permanent security solutions. United will do any and everything possible to satisfy its Torrance clients and keep their residence or business secure, safe, and sound. United Security customizes its Torrance security services to meet the needs of all of its clients.

Torrance security services by United Security

United Security offers an extensive selection of Torrance security services and does not hesitate to custom tailor those services to fit the needs of its commercial or residential clients. The only goal of Torrance security guards (highly trained and fully qualified) is to provide optimal security services in every possible field of security. Our Torrance security team will first evaluate your specific security needs thoroughly and then create highly specific security plans/strategies to keep you most secure. The company caters to high profile individuals and also provides private security services for special events.

You can count on United Security to respond quickly and swiftly to any suspicious or otherwise abnormal activity either in an event or in a residential area. Every single member of United Security takes its job very seriously and makes sure to keep you safe and secure every single minute.

You absolutely cannot go wrong by choosing United Security as your first choice in the top-of-the-line security services in entire California. United can provide Torrance armed guards, unarmed guards, or mobile guards as your requirements dictate in and around Torrance. The Torrance security guards teams of United Security are experts in not only ensuring that alarm systems are properly functioning but also ensuring that all entry points to your premises are inaccessible and secure. The team of United is here to serve and protect you and your Torrance site while providing the best-in-industry security services. Remember: Here at United Security, your safety is always our priority.

The Torrance security guards and security patrol teams of United provides the following security services:

  • Torrance Apartment/Housing security services
  • Torrance Event Security
  • Torrance Commercial Security
  • Torrance Construction Site security
  • Torrance Mall Security
  • Torrance Retail Security
  • Torrance Gated Communities security
  • Torrance armed security guards
  • Torrance unarmed security guards
  • Torrance fire watch security services
  • Torrance security patrol services
  • Torrance mobile patrol services

Why choose the services of United Security?

United Security conducts security training that exceeds that of any of the security programs of our California candidates. Also, the security-industry knowledge of our management team has passed on to the new employees of United Security. In addition to the California state-mandated certification courses, United Security personnel attend Defensive Tactics Training, Patrol Techniques & Criminal Law, and Customer Service Seminars.

Besides, the uniforms of United Security can be well-customized as per your security needs. Our Torrance security guards are well-equipped with clearly discernible identification badges and our logo, and that is how they make a powerful first impression. United Security management is available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. The supervisors of United Security make scheduled and unscheduled visits to your Torrance site to ensure that our security staffs provide only the highest level of service available in the security industry.

What the Torrance security guards do differently?

  • United Torrance security guards guard entrances and screen guests/employees
  • They make use of video surveillance equipment to monitor the Torrance premises
  • The united security guards are well-trained to protect the assets, employees, and guests of Torrance clients
  • They are well-trained to deter crime with visual presence
  • They organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or another emergency
  •  They respond to customer and employee health emergencies right at the moment
  • They eject unwanted customers
  • They liaise with police and city emergency responders

UNITED SECURITY believes in implementing only the most effective standards a security company can have by hiring only the most highly professional, highly qualified and skilled employees. United Security offers training programs for all the Torrance security staff no matter what level of experience they may have.