Temple City

United Security Services is a community-oriented private contract security firm serving all over California. The difference between United Security and other California Security Services companies is the friendly and caring attitude we share within our employees and our clients. It is how we approach the security needs of our Temple City clients, as a professional California Security guard company.

Our Temple City security team will give you the answers to your security questions and solutions to your security problems. The Temple City security team of United Security works with you to develop a security program/strategy that fits in with your unique budget and works for your individual needs.

With the stringent personnel selection process of United Security, and how the United Security invests heavily in the training, support, supervision, and personal development of the employees, united becomes the only best option to fulfill your security needs in Temple City and entire California. Whether it is Temple City security guard service or mobile patrols, United is always ready to help you.

We are happy to provide the following security services in Temple City and entire California:

  • Temple City Loss Prevention service
  • Temple City Construction Security
  • Temple City Residential Security
  • Temple City Commercial Security
  • Temple City Fire Watch
  • Temple City Healthcare Security
  • Temple City Retail Security
  • 24-hour CCTV Monitoring service
  • Weekend Patrol in Temple City
  • Daily/Hourly Patrol in Temple City
  • Parking Patrol in Temple City

Temple City Fire Watch Security Services by United Security:

United Security is the leader in the fireguard field and the right choice for securing your Temple City site due to our decades of experience. United Security can provide well-trained and highly-knowledgeable fire watch security guards to look after your Temple City premises and ensure the safety of your employees, pieces of equipment, and clients. The security guards training of United Security ensures that each Fire Watch Security Guard in Temple City understands and knows how to follow the California state and Fire Marshall protocols, and how to provide detailed daily reports.

The staff of United Security can provide Temple city fire watch services to any industry including, but not limited to:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Restaurants
  • Private Venues
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Warehouses

Temple City Construction Site Security Services by United Security:

Our team at United Security can provide top-notch security service and professional security guards to protect construction sites in and around Temple City.

Our uniformed armed/unarmed security guards approach construction sites around the Temple City area with the same work ethic, passion, and focus as applied to every business and special event. Fully-uniformed, well-trained, fully-licensed, and highly-professional security guards can provide access control to keep unwanted pedestrians away from your construction site in Temple City. The mobile patrols of United Security sweep the area of any construction site to look for potential security breaches. Temple City security guards stand watch during the workday and even after hours to ensure the protection of the site and pieces of equipment of our clients.

Our job as a security service provider for Temple City construction sites is to protect your valuable assets, tools, workers and pedestrians from hazards in and around construction sites. We understand that construction can prove to be a really dangerous job, and our Temple City security team is focused, prepared and well-equipped with the tools necessary to keep your workers and pedestrians safe. For more information on how Temple City security guards, mobile patrols and access control of United Security help protect construction sites, contact United Security Services today!

24-hour CCTV monitoring services:

United Security Services can provide your Property Temple City with a full CCTV package from bespoke installation to monitoring services. All our CCTV monitoring services are carried out by fully-qualified and highly-professional personnel that leave you with a level of 24/7 protection. Our management team at Temple City works with you to create the exact security solution you need. What we first do is make a full assessment of your Temple City property (residential/commercial/industrial) before recommending the best installation strategy for optimal site coverage and ultimate peace of mind. Whether you need to install CCTV or your old CCTV system needs updating, United can help.

Here are the areas we can help you with:

  • Bespoke CCTV installation
  • Proactive visual deterrent
  • Seamlessly managed by experts
  • Early detection of potential incidents
  • Remote monitoring option
  • Stock monitoring
  • Staff training tool

If we have not mentioned any security service you need at your Temple City site, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to customize security solutions as per your security requirements.