Sierra Madre

Welcome to Sierra Madre United Security Services

One United Security is a purpose-driven security company serving the Sierra Madre and other cities of California with a go-giver mentality. Our security firm is known for providing quality security services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our approach to the California security industry begins with our passion for helping others. Our Sierra Madre security guards team focuses on implementing proven security strategies that are well-designed to ensure that United Security is providing the best security solutions for you and your property.

Our strategy for providing quality Sierra Madre security services begins with our investment in the security process and our clients. That means United Security focuses on hiring the right people and training the right people via the best training process. When combined, you will see that the level of service of United Security far exceeds the performance of other Sierra Madre Security Companies.

​Our competitive hiring process, at United Security, includes a multi-step interview process, followed by a pre-investigative background check and criminal history of Local, California State, and Federal Databases.

Training is an essential part of our industry which is why we ensure that The United Security staff receives regular training to keep up with the client requirements and the requirements mandated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. United Security provides continuous education to its Sierra Madre security staff to keep up with industry-related trends.

United also makes use of Integrated Technology to improve the performance of Sierra Madre Security Guards and to provide more value to our Sierra Madre clients. For example, our online-based reporting system allows us to manage Sierra Madre security officers on-site and keep track of the daily reports generated by them. United Security knows when its employees are on-site and that they remained on-site during their 24-hour shift.

​Why United Security, California is different?

At United Security, we do have a strong commitment to quality security service. We also have an even stronger responsibility and deep compassion for the care and concern of our Sierra Madre clients and employees. 

At United Security, we strive to create a culture that is fully-dedicated to leadership, honesty, employee engagement, and the promise of delivering outstanding customer service. It is a culture in which the expectation is that Sierra Madre security officers feel a genuine sense of fulfillment and a real sense of belonging. At United Security Services California, we value people, we value their time, we value their money, we value development, and we value strong, open and transparent client relationships.

Sierra Madre security services:

United Security specializes in working with property managers, and it is our mission to do the job of securing your property, premises, and people manageable and straight-forward. Each property and each client has individual security needs, and the Sierra Madre Security guard team of United Security is here to cater to your needs.

Our Sierra Madre clients will always have a single point of contact with the team of United Security. United Security also offers a full array of security options. With our Sierra Madre Security officers on-site, your properties will benefit from reduced risk of vandalism, burglary, and unauthorized access. Our Sierra Made security officers have years of experience in regularly securing neighborhoods, private residences and commercial buildings. United Security provides Sierra Madre security officers with a professional demeanor and appearance appropriate to the needs of your Sierra Madre properties. United Security secures you better.

Sierra Madre security services of United Security include but not limited to:

  • Sierra Madre Apartment/Housing security services
  • Sierra Madre Event Security
  • Sierra Madre Commercial Security
  • Sierra Madre Construction Site security
  • Sierra Madre Mall Security
  • Sierra Madre Retail Security
  • Sierra Madre Gated Communities security
  • Sierra Madre armed security guards
  • Sierra Madre unarmed security guards
  • Sierra Madre fire watch security services
  • Sierra Madre security patrol services
  • Sierra Madre mobile patrol services

Armed or unarmed, the Sierra Madre standing guard and vehicle patrol services of United Security are available for industrial, residential and commercial properties which include but not limited to: – Community/HOA, Apartment Complexes, Special Events and Construction Sites/Warehouses, Low-income housing properties, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels.

SECURITY WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT: Commercial events, Community events, parties, United Security secures it all. Are you putting on events at multiple locations in the Sierra Madre? Maintain the continuity of your security plan by contracting with United Security, and we will keep your functions safe.