San Marino

United Security is the leading provider of private security services to clients in San Marino and the other California areas. Each year, more than one million visitors pass through events protected, maintained, and serviced by United Security.

Our chief security operational managers have at least 30 years of collective security experience within the San Marino security industry. All of our Security Consultants hold a current security license and have been all-cleared by Federal and California State police.

United Security offers a variety of San Marino security services, including over 200 fully-licensed and well-trained general and personal security guards, staff integrity testing and training, security patrol, crowd control, event management, and CCTV surveillance services.

Like most of the small San Marino companies out there, if you do not have a dedicated security staff by your side, then professional and expert personnel of United Security can assist you with all of your security needs. We provide our San Marino security guards, security patrol, fire watch, event security, and CCTV surveillance services to both residential and business and government sectors.

San Marino business and government security services:

  • Security Alarms
    United Security installs, manages, and monitors security systems for a broad range of corporate, retail, and government clients. Because every San Marino location and situation is unique, the San Mario security team of United Security tailors solutions that are as individual as our clients.
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
    We know, with our experience, that criminals strike at the most unexpected times using the most surprising methods, no matter where your office or residence is in San Marino. That is the reason why external and internal electronic monitoring of your San Marino premises is vital – 24 hours a day, and every day of the year.When our installed alarm at your San Marino is activated, our state-of-the-art Control Room will know about it immediately. Our team will not take more than a second to decide an appropriate course of action as pre-determined by you.
  • Cameras
    With United Security CCTV surveillance team by your side, you can view and record all activity inside and outside your San Marino premises in the brightest of days and the darkest of nights.
  • Security Guards & Patrols
    We also understand that sometimes you need that ‘human touch’ over high-tech solutions. In situations such as after-hours business security checks, parties, functions, hotel security concierge, event crowd control or mobile security patrols, United Security can provide some of the expertly-trained and highly experienced professionals.

San Marino residential security services:

  • Security Alarms
    The safety and security of your family is a priority of United Security. With break-ins and home invasions on the increase in San Marino and the nearby areas, you are solely inviting dangerous trouble if you do not have an alarm system installed in your residence.Talk to United Security about protecting your home or apartment in San Marino. It does not matter if you live in a rental property, talk to our San Marino management team about an alarm you can take with you when you move!
  • 24 Hour Monitoring
    For absolute peace of mind, have your home or apartment in san Marino alarm-monitored 24/7 with the help of our state-of-the-art Management Room. If your alarm is triggered either by fire or by a break-in, our management team will immediately contact you and the police or fire brigade.CamerasOur high-tech CCTV surveillance team in San Marino can help you keep a watchful eye on your residence not only in the brightest of days but also the darkest of nights.
  • San Marino Security guards
    Founded decades earlier with only a limited security staff and a passion for serving our California clients with outstanding security services, United Security has seen astonishing growth. With a guarded pool of more than 300 fully-licensed and well-trained security officers, United Security can service all of our San Marino clients needs no matter how complex or simplistic.United Security has an excellent reputation as a total security solution in entire California, providing talented and trained security officers for several San Marino major events, Local Councils and Commercial areas. All of our San Marino security officers are hand-selected to suit the needs and expectations of our clients, providing the highest level of service and quality.