San Fernando

United Security is an American-owned company that proudly delivers security services to the highest standards in San Fernando and other areas of California so that you can focus on your core business. At United Security, we believe in tailoring custom solutions for our San Fernando clients, and this action rewards us with a competitive advantage.

United Security has been in business for decades. The team delivers a wide range of professional San Fernando security services such as armed security guards, unarmed security guards, mobile patrol, fire watch security, Event Security, and many others.

Whether you need San Fernando Security Guard service or San Fernando security patrol for your business or residential area, United Security has the security solution for you.

Our specially-trained, fully-professional, and well-experienced San Fernando security staff gives you complete peace of mind. At United Security, we work with you as your partners to offer you the best value for money every time you choose to work with us.

San Fernando Security Guards:

The San Fernando security guards are not only well-trained in standard security procedures, but our team also knows how to be part of your business. United Security sees its San Fernando guards as an extension of your business. That is the reason our united security guards are well-prepared on your company culture and your expectations from us. We understand that every business is different, and we look to find exactly the right staff as per your security requirements to provide complete and the best possible value for your investment in us.

Whether you need our San Fernando security guards for controlling traffic in case of an event, managing a car park or standing guard at a retail store, United Security is there to support you all the way. Regular checks, assessments, daily reports, meetings, and feedback keep our standards high in the security industry and among our clients. We make sure that we stay in regular communication with our clients, building a long-term partnership with them.

San Fernando Security Patrols:

San Fernando security patrol guards can be a real asset to any business in California. Our team of San Fernando patrol guards has an extra pair of eyes to not-only check if lock-ups are secure but also to raise any maintenance issues which may be easily spotted by our teams – such as leaks and damaged doors and locks.

Depending upon your security needs, our San Fernando security guards can be on shift as a regular patrol or a casual basis. Also, if you require a 24-hr security patrol service for your site in San Fernando, United Security can deliver the best solution for you. It does not matter if you want us to work for a single level site or a multi-level office building – the team of United Security will make deliver only the best. United Security Patrol guards will visit your company, assess all the security issues and explain the areas at your San Fernando site that needs particular focus.

Why Choose United Security for hiring Security Guards in San Fernando?

There are an unlimited number of reasons why you should hire our San Fernando Security Guards. Here are a few generalizations that explain why United Security is the number one choice not only in San Fernando but in entire California.

  • Trained and Professional Team of Security Guards
    All the security guards working with United Security are highly-trained and have ample knowledge of the best security tactics to deal with any hard situation. Moreover, the combination of professionalism, honesty, and reliability is what you can expect from our guards, and that is the reason why our San Fernando security guards are the first choice of business owners in and around California.Additionally, our San Fernando unarmed security guards are well-experienced to administer First Aid to deal with any emergency.
  • Fully Licensed Security Company
    United Security is a fully-licensed security agency so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the experts of the security industry. All the United Security guards working with us are fully-certified, and you should not hesitate to hire them if you expect a licensed San Fernando security company to assist you.
  • Best security service for every occasion and every place in San Fernando
    Whether you need our San Fernando security guards for a party, construction site, private event, residential and business premises, United Security is here to offer what you need. We have multiple teams of highly experienced guards, CCTV monitoring, and security patrols for every occasion and place in San Fernando.