Redondo Beach


United Security Services is a California owned and operated company. Established years ago, United Security Services Company became a market leader in Redondo Beach Security Guards and Security Patrol services employing over 300 security personnel. United Security offers a 24-hour Redondo Beach security service for all security needs and is proven to be the most efficient, reliable, competitive security company in California. The Redondo Beach security guards team of United Security has been providing security services to hundreds of businesses including government, retail, commercial, industrial, and even residential properties.

We are proud to provide highly-trained & motivated security staff for protecting your Redondo Beach site. Every member of our security staff is fully-licensed and is carefully selected to suit the security requirements of our Redondo Beach clients.

Our policy at Redondo Beach location of United Security is to promote and maintain the highest level of health and safety of all the Redondo Beach security staff in the workplace.

United Security Services include: 

  • Redondo Beach Armed and unarmed Security Guards
  • Redondo Beach security Patrols
  • Redondo Beach Fire Watch services
  • Redondo Beach Event Security services
  • Redondo Beach Security site Installations
  • Alarm Monitoring (Redondo Beach Based)

United Security has also had consistent and steady growth over recent years. Thanks to all the referrals we generated from our existing client base.

United Security provides coverage across the spectrum of commercial, industrial, retail, and residential properties. The major strength of United Security is its reliable and experienced Redondo Beach security personnel. United Security can provide a complete range of services that enable it to meet the requirements that any customer may require of any security company.

Redondo Beach security patrols:

United Security Redondo Beach patrol team provides mobile security patrols and alarm responses – 24 hours a day and seven days per week (including public holidays).

Our Redondo Beach mobile patrol services can be well-utilized to protect property, assets and people. In most cases, having a regular visit by United Security patrol officers can be enough of a deterrent for perpetrators.

United Security Redondo Beach patrol services include:

  • Night or Day Patrols
  • Perimeter building checks
  • Building Lockup services
  • Internal building checks
  • Alarm Responses
  • Casual Redondo Beach Security Patrols

Our Redondo Beach Mobile Patrol Officers will keenly observe and report on all your Redondo Beach site areas that are not necessarily directly related to security duties such as:

  • Inspection to identify maintenance issues
  • Review of your Redondo Beach site (industrial /commercial /residential) to identify maintenance and WH&S issues
  • Monitor on-site emergency alarms and security system

United Security has an extensive patrol network that operates throughout the Redondo Beach area and other major cities of California with a large fleet of response vehicles.

The Redondo Beach security patrol team of united security uses both marked and unmarked security vehicles that are well-equipped with dedicated mobile phones and two-way radios (linked to our 24 hour Redondo Beach Security Control Room).

All united security patrols stay readily-prepared to be directly-contacted in the event of an emergency response requirement.

Redondo Beach security guards:

According to us, a highly-experienced security guard is the one who is profoundly-committed to complying with the highest workplace standards in terms of attendance, safety, health, and conduct towards the public.

United Security provides well-trained and highly-screened security officers to maintain a secure and safe environment for your company and your people.

At United Security, we ensure that professionalism remains the primary focus of our Redondo Beach Security Officers.

Every United Security Officer has to go through a complete and thorough background check which also includes California police clearance checks.

Our Redondo Beach security guards services cover a wide range of requirements, some of which include:

  •  Uniformed or Plain Clothed Guards
  •  Redondo Beach Retail Shopping Centers
  •  Redondo Beach Residential Apartments
  •  First aid
  •  Check Point & Gate House duties
  •  Redondo Beach Construction Site Security
  •  24-hour Emergency call outs
  •  Personal protection
  •  Patrolling sensitive areas
  •  Reception duties
  •  Hazard watch (Fire and fuels)
  •  Electronic security surveillance
  •  Loss Prevention Officers
  •  Warehouse Security
  •  Redondo Beach Fire watch