Security Mandate – United Security Services:

“To provide vigilant security presence in Pomona neighborhoods and properties (both in low-income and high-income) storing high valued goods.


Deterring and combating trespassers from inflicting harm in business or community requires a strong and physical security presence of high-risk Pomona security guards.

The areas that are more prone to illegal activity are residential apartment buildings in low-income neighborhoods. If left unsupervised, your property can become a home for trespassing, gangs, prostitution, drugs, and other illegal acts that can negatively impact the welfare of your residents.

United Security deploys only those Pomona security guards who can specifically deal with high-risk environments. Our Pomona unarmed security guards are well-trained to diffuse hostile situations psychologically – at your Pomona site – without any physical means. Our operational managers are directly in touch with law enforcement officials, and they can also assist you in making your community a safer place to live by sharing intelligence and other sensitive information with the officials.

Our high-risk division of Pomona security guards is well-trained to apprehend violators of the Criminal Code of USA.

The high-risk security guard and patrol services of united security provide:

  • Pomona residential security for apartment buildings and townhouse complexes.
  • Pomona security guard patrol.
  • Pomona fire watch services
  • Pomona event security services
  • Security guard protection for high-value items and materials.

You can trust high-risk security guard services of United Security in Pomona and every other city of California for:

  • Comprehensive floor-by-floor Pomona security patrols to detect building deficiencies and prohibited activity. Our trained Pomona security patrol team will patrol even the most common areas such as parking lots, stairwells, underground parking lots, mechanical rooms, etc.
  • Security signs will be securely-placed in common areas (doors, parking lots, and elevators) by our team of Pomona security guards with 24-hour dispatch line.
  • Frequent site visits from United Security management staff.
  • Computerized inbound & outbound log for contractors and Pomona site visitors.
  • Monthly detailed-computerized report with statistics.
  • 24-hour dispatch line for Pomona resident inquiries.
  • Complimentary essential threat assessment survey to identify any possible safety threats and deficiencies.
  • Pomona security guard patrol verification for quality assurance from our Pomona guard’s patrol history.
  • Pomona fire watch and contractor supervision for controlled access.
  • Front desk and lobby Pomona security guard services to greet all you site visitors.
  • Pomona site – CCTV monitoring.


Pomona security guard services for special events such as sports venues, concerts, weddings, semi-formals, parties, etc.

Whether it be a high-profile event or a stag party, everyone attending the function is there for one purpose: to have a pleasant time, and they expect it to be safe too. That is where Pomona event security guard services of United Security come in: Our team of Pomona event security services provides smart, certified security guards that are well-trained to ensure that events go as per the plan. Their only goal is to neutralize the safety threat at your Pomona site as soon and as carefully possible so that your people can have a good and safe time. Whether you need Pomona crowd control or you need to protect your VIP guests during the main event, United Security is standing by to make a vigilant security guard presence while maintaining the highest possible level of professionalism and courtesy for your guests.

Pomona Events security guard and patrol services of United Security provide:

  • Sporting Pomona event security protection: Crowd control & security checkpoints.
  • Security protection for Pomona parties and weddings.
  • Security protection for Pomona high-profile events and occasions.
  • Security protection for concerts and personal guards for VIP guests.

You can trust events security guard services of united Security in Pomona and every other area of California for:

  • Crowd control.
  • Identification verification for adult-oriented Pomona events.
  • Ensuring that the maximum number of visitors inside a Pomona venue/ center does not exceed its allowed limit.
  • Ejecting unruly visitors or guests.
  • Security checkpoint for metal detection to prevent weapons from entering your Pomona site.
  • Smart Serve certified Pomona armed and unarmed security guards to minimize intoxication.