Pico Rivera

United Security is a licensed private security company with a team of California-based security guards, personal protection officers, crowd controllers, and security risk management specialists. United Security is a California-owned business founded on the pinnacles of professionalism, service excellence, and quality.

Pico Rivera security guards

United Security is a California-based security provider company with decades of experience in the security industry. United Security is a reliable source for highly-trained Pico Rivera security guards, crowd controllers and even personal protection security officers sourced exclusively from the California law enforcement sectors, armed forces, and private security companies.

United Security launched Guard Hire in Pico Rivera to satisfy demands in the security market for a professional and accountable security guard provider. United Security is a reliable source for Pico Rivera highly-trained licensed security guards, Pico Rivera protection officers, Pico Rivera crowd controllers and Pico Rivera risk management specialists.

United Security has a long track record as a provider of security guarding, close personal protection and other private security services. Our Pico Rivers security and management teams are a reliable source for controlling guards and personal protection.

United Security not only provides highly-trained security guards in and around Pico Rivera but also provides an expert level of personal protection to corporate executives, music artists, sports teams and high-net-worth clients.

Our security guards recruitment process ensures that only the best people are highly-engaged with United Security. We provide our Pico Rivera clients with a range of private security, close personal protection and risk management solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Event Security
  • Static Security
  • Fire Watch
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Loss Prevention
  • Alarm Response
  • Crowd Controlling

United Security does not forget to carry out every aspect of a professional security and guard service from controlling site access, static or mobile surveillance, and foot or mobile patrols. Our Pico Rivera security team can also act as a security concierge service and the custodian of your assets, infrastructure and people.

United Security offers professional Pico Rivera security guards who are well-trained in service delivery. We strive to provide our Pico Rivera clients with full confidence in the Pico Rivera security guards charged with protecting their business. United Security takes pride in the quality of the security experts that constitute our Pico Rivera security guard team.

From corporate offices to residential areas, we provide a seamless security solution across the private, commercial and even government sectors.

Pico Rivera Commercial Security

Grasping the unique security requirements of your Pico Rivera business, residential, and commercial security gives United Security a distinct edge over our competitors. From the concierge to the control room, the team of United Security knows the significance of having a thoroughly integrated Pico Rivera security team to protect your assets, people and infrastructure.

Pico Rivera Retail Security

The teams of United security understand the meaning of the retail sector and the role that tight security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions of visitors. With the fastest-growing population and expanding retail environment, it’s has become more significant than ever that Pico Rivera security companies provide a safe and secure shopping experience.

Pico Rivera Event Security

United Security has been providing Pico Rivera security services at an eclectic range of public events and private functions since years. Our Pico Rivera security guards team can assist our clients with access control, traffic management, and asset protection.

United Security provides crowd controllers and event security teams to provide:

  • Crowd Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Liquor Enforcement Officers

Pico Rivera Mobile security patrols

United Security has launched a professional mobile security patrol service in Pico Rivera only by trained mobile security patrol officers. If you need an increased visible presence of security guards and security patrols at your business or personal property to deter criminal activity, pick up your phone and talk to us about our security patrol service.

Our Pico Rivera security patrol service can be best-utilized for the following:

  • 24/7 private or commercial property checks
  • Escorting your staff or contractors to their vehicles after hours
  • External property checks for potential trespassers or safety issues
  • Pico Rivera property lock-up and unlock for your team or contractors working after hours