Palos Verdes Estates


United Security provides industry-leading armed and unarmed security guard services throughout all areas of California (including all major cities). Our team of experienced security professionals works closely with our Palos Verdes Estates clients to provide them with innovative and individually-tailored security solutions.

We structure our Palos Verdes Estates security guards services around the individual business needs of our clients. We believe in delivering a service that integrates itself into your business.

Our PALOS VERDES ESTATES security Services

The security services we provide to Palos Verdes Estates retailers, property management companies, hotels, gaming venues, and the public sector are comprehensive and employ all the latest technological solutions available to the security industry.

Palos Verdes Estates Security guards hire services – Manned guarding

  1. Our Palos Verdes Estates securityguards ensure your people feel completely secure wherever the location
  2. Our Palos Verdes Estatesarmed guards can inspect your premises and recommend ways to minimize risks of theft, accidents or any other criminal activity.
  3. Our Palos Verdes Estates unarmedguards act as a visual deterrent of crime
  4. Our Palos Verdes Estates securityguards handle potential trespassing and vandalism by patrolling the premises
  5. Our guards are always dressed in uniform, helping provide your business with a professional image.

Door/Access Supervision

Our professional Palos Verdes Estates Security Guards are well-experienced in working in a customer orientated environment and have experience of reception duties – meaning they can offer a great deal of added value to the security service. We offer security guard services in all major cities in California, including Palos Verdes Estates.

Palos Verdes Estates corporate security services

Corporate businesses are an ever-growing sector in Palos Verdes Estates. That is why security measures also need to be stepped up. With over 30 years of experience in delivering security to corporate clients, we have a wealth of security industry knowledge to provide a Variety Of Solutions for your Palos Verdes Estates business.

Our management and security guards team can tailor corporate management plans according to your business with security strategy implementation. That means our Palos Verdes Estates security team can facilitate your corporate security needs to the most efficient way possible.

Continuous implementation of the corporate sector can include:

  • Updating Risk Management plans;
  • Enforcing Hazard Identification, risk management and risk control procedures;
  • Implementing Occupational Health & Safety Policies;
  • Incident Reporting;
  • Ensuring Safe Work Practices are being carried out in the corporate sector;
  • Site Inductions for contractors;
  • First AID;
  • Continuous monitoring of CCTV;
  • Daily occurrences recorded;
  • Many more;

Some of the roles corporate security guards of United Security undertake are:

  • Ensure the safety of the building and guests;
  • Playing essential roles in emergency procedures;
  • Customer Services to everybody;

By having United Security personnel, you will have a piece of mind knowing that everything is being well-managed.

Palos Verdes Estates event security services

Event Security Guards

All Palos Verdes Estates Security staff of United Security is highly-trained to control crowds and handle incidents discreetly, especially in overcrowded Palos Verdes Estates areas. The United Security staff we select for Palos Verdes Estates events are varied and selected according to the specific event.

Before we send any Security staff to our client location, the management team of United Security carefully discusses every possibility via background gathering process. The Operation managers and Business managers of United Security work closely with the event organizers and provide additional security advice and support where necessary (even during the planning stages of an event).

The United Security Services can provide you with a specially-selected Palos Verdes Estates event security team for any event. We provide Palos Verdes Estates security services for the following:

  • Festivals;
  • Rock & pop concerts;
  • Private parties and functions;
  • Corporate functions;
  • Charity events & fundraiser;
  • Sporting events;

 Palos Verdes Estates retail security services

Shopping malls are the main ongoing security issues in Palos Verdes Estates. That’s why there is a need for retail Security guards services.

Palos Verdes Estates retail Security guards of United Security effectively interact with the public, centre management, with mall tenants, and with local law enforcement. We ensure that our unarmed and uniformed security guards are well-qualified to handle any safety and security situation that may arise in a Palos Verdes Estates shopping mall. Retail security services of United Security are well-designed to prevent loss or damage due to:

  • Theft and pick-pocketing;
  • Trespassing and vagrants
  • Vandalism and graffiti;
  • Other safety hazards

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