A California Security Company that offers licensed, professional, and reliable Security Guard, security patrol, and other security services

If you are looking for a Norwalk Security Company that can provide you with licensed, experienced, and reliable security guards, security patrol, and other security services, we have got you covered.

United Security Services -one of the largest security companies in California-is a national footprint that can provide the local businesses and people with an intelligent approach to security.

Our scale creates access for all Norwalk businesses to risk management expertise at an extremely affordable price. No matter what your security budget is, United Security Services has a cost-effective solution for you.

Whether you need security guards for a wide range of purposes (fire watch, event security) or Norwalk security patrol services, United Security Services has the security service for you.

The team of United Security Services believes in offering integrated, intelligent, and precise Norwalk security services that diminish risks and make your everyday activity safer and more secure.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the Norwalk security industry, our security guards, security patrol, and management teams deliver a wide range of dependable security solutions.

The integrity and reliability of United Security Services mean peace of mind. We, at United Security Services, offer the highest level of security service, no matter your industry or scale.

Norwalk Security Guard Services

Norwalk Construction Site Security Service

A secure construction site has become an OHS – Occupational Health and Safety – requirement. That is why United Security provides construction-site security guards services throughout Norwalk. To prevent theft, vandalism and fire damage at your Norwalk construction site and to minimize risk, recruit the Norwalk security officer services today. Get in touch with our Norwalk security team!

Norwalk Corporate Security Services

We, At United Security Services, offer corporate security services in and around Norwalk. Depending on your needs, our Norwalk security officers come uniformed or suited executively to patrol and guard your property. Get in touch with our Norwalk management team to hire unbeatable corporate security services at an unbeatable price.

Norwalk Event Security Services

Whether you need party security for an upcoming event or you are looking for Norwalk event security service, United Security Services can help. Norwalk Event Security Services can be easily well-organized by our management team. Get in touch with our Norwalk Security Company team today to hire best-in-industry event security services.

Norwalk Security Patrol Services

Hiring Norwalk security guard patrol services to provide security patrols is a powerful crime deterrent. United Security Services provides uniformed security guard patrol officers to guard your Norwalk site 24 hours a day. Get in touch with our friendly Norwalk security company team today!

Norwalk unarmed security guard services

If you require Norwalk unarmed security guards to secure your premises, United Security Services can help. Our team of reliable experienced and licensed Norwalk security guards and management team can take care of security patrols, CCTV monitoring, and access points along with keeping an eye on unusual behavior. Get in touch with our friendly Norwalk security company team today!

As a professional Norwalk Security Company, we offer private security services across a range of industries and for a variety of Norwalk clients. What type of Norwalk security service do you need?

Private Security

United Security Services offer individual and personal security officer services in and around Norwalk. Whether you require VIP security or security service for your site, we can organize that for you. Get in touch with our Norwalk security management team today!

Commercial Security

If you want to safeguard your Norwalk business, assets, and commercial sites against harm, risk, and liability, you can rely on Norwalk commercial security services of United Security Services. Get in touch with our Norwalk security team today so that we can help you tailor the right security solution.

Event Security 

If you are seeking Norwalk event security services for an upcoming function, party, or event, United Security Services has got you covered! With over 30 years of combined experience in the security industry, we can tell what you are looking for, and we can work with you to take care of the rest.

Norwalk Security Services you can count on

Whether you are seeking Norwalk security guards for an establishment or venue that you usually manage or for a one-off event, we have the required experience and experienced team to be able to look after you. Get in touch with United Security Services today!