Los Angeles’ preferred security service provider company for Armed/Unarmed guards and security patrol

By working with United Security Services, you are sure to receive unbeatable security service at your Los Angeles site for an unbeatable price. The staffs of United Security Services consist of only dedicated and highly-trained security professionals who are highly-trained in all aspects of private security (including but not limited to event security, fire watch, vehicle patrol, alarm response, and security camera installation and surveillance).

Our armed and unarmed security guards are well-trained in communication, emergencies, crowd control, public relations, observation and documentation, post orders, and other security-related subjects.

Many of our guards have permits to carry a firearm, and some are even first aid certified. Moreover, our management and CCTV monitoring team have the required expertise to customize our guard services and also have more than 30 years of combined security experience.

At United Security Services, we aim to be Los Angeles’ best value in private security. Not only are our unarmed/armed guards and security patrol services exceptional, but we take great care to keep our service prices low. Give United Security Services a call today for a free consultation. We will be extremely pleased to hear from you.

5 Reasons to Choose United Security Services as your private security company

Fully Personalized and Reliable Service – At United Security Services, our teams of Los Angeles armed security guards, Los Angeles security patrol, and management are committed to your security needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team has created a Management Customer Service Program to ensure that we can give our all Los Angeles clients only the highest quality service at the lowest price possible. This program assures that our teams are exceeding our Los Angeles clients’ expectations. Our management team promptly addresses client concerns, solicits client feedback regularly, is readily accessible to clients, and continuously trains and supervisors our guards.

Qualifications – The team of United Security Service’s teams are bonded and insured, exceeding Los Angeles clients’ requirements for commercial auto liability, general liability, and worker’s compensation.

Custom Security Plans – We take the time to understand our every Los Angeles clients’ unique circumstances, including every vulnerability, threat, and risk.

Experience – Our administration team has over 30 years of combined security industry experience and expertise.

Unbeatable Rates – Our security service rates are always competitive and beat other security company’s prices. For a fast and free quote, contact us today! Also, don’t worry about your information. We always keep it confidential.

Security Services

United Security Services offers only premium security services and that too, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our premium security services in and around Los Angeles include:

  • Los Angeles Event security services
  • Los Angeles security guard services
  • Los Angeles vehicle patrol services
  • Los Angeles fire watch services

Los Angeles Event Security Services

Provided by armed or unarmed security guards, our Los Angeles Event Security Services include: 

  • Unarmed or armed security officers
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Event access control
  • Bag/belonging searches
  • ID verification
  • VIP security escorts
  • Emergency response
  • Fire watch
  • Investigating suspicious activities
  • Parking lot enforcement
  • Traffic coordination
  • Crowd control and movement
  • Evacuation planning and coordination
  • Door supervision
  • Customer service

Los Angeles Standing Security Guard Services

The presence of unarmed and armed security guards at your Los Angeles site discourage loitering, vandalism, theft, and other unwanted behaviors.

Our Los Angeles security guard service features 24-hour guard and dispatch availability and is ideal for monitoring and securing:

  • Construction sites
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Parking garages and lots

Los Angeles vehicle Patrol Services

Performed by our licensed and highly trained patrol security guards, our vehicle patrol services exceedingly improve safety and security at your Los Angeles site. Our Los Angeles security patrol service features:

  • Well-marked vehicles, golf carts, or bikes
  • Access to our 24-hour local dispatch
  • Expertly designed patrol routes

Los Angeles Fire Watch Services

Available around the clock, this service features:

  • A secure way to keep your business open if your sprinkler system is not functioning:
    • Our Los Angeles security guards patrol the affected area and watch for early signs of hazards
    • Our Los Angeles Fire Watch guards keep detailed fire watch logs for your records
    • Our team is always prepared to use a fire extinguisher if necessary