United Security Services, Serving Lawndale, CA

Exceptional Armed/ Unarmed security guards and patrol services at highly competitive rates

Licensed, insured, and bonded United Security Services is Lawndale’s private security company of choice. We provide customized security solutions and high-quality armed/unarmed private security and patrol services at some of the best rates in the industry. The security service is only administered by our well-trained and heavily-screened Lawndale armed and unarmed security guards who are thoroughly trained in powers to arrest, PR, emergencies, patrol, and more. Our Lawndale security guards are more-than-prepared to provide your Lawndale site with

  • Event security
  • Parking lot security
  • Security installation/surveillance
  • Standing security guard services
  • Crowd control
  • Fire watch
  • Security vehicle patrol

As per your unique security needs in Lawndale, our security services can be used alone or can be combined as well.

United Security Services is a full-service security guard and security patrol service company that is fully committed to serving clients throughout Lawndale, California, United States. We feel proud to be a member of CALSAGA (the California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates). Since the time we opened our doors, we have been providing licensed, bonded, and insured security services and have been able to have consistently maintained an A+ rating.

Ask for a free quote today! Our highly reputable security guard services are sure to improve security at your Lawndale, California, United States site and are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Industry-Specific Security Solutions

United Security Services excels at providing security installation; security vehicle patrol, Event security, Crowd control, and Fire watch services to residential communities and homeowners in Lawndale, California, the United States as well as industry-specific and cost-effective security solutions to the diverse business community.

That is because the management team of United Security Services collectively has over 30 years of industry experience and has developed a keen appreciation for best practices, vulnerabilities, and unique threats of each industry. Among the long list of services, the United Security Services serves, we are particularly well-trained and well-equipped to provide:

  • Construction Site Security in Lawndale, California
  • Private/Special Event Security in Lawndale, California
  • Corporate Office/Executive Security in Lawndale, California
  • Parking Lot/Garage Security in Lawndale, California
  • Mall Security in Lawndale, California
  • Retail Store Security in Lawndale, California

Call us today to obtain a customized and comprehensive security solution for your site in Lawndale, California.

Our Services

Lawndale Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Having highly visible Lawndale security guards at your Lawndale, California business, gated community entrance, construction site, or other sites can help deter expensive and undesirable activities such as crime, loitering, theft, vandalism, graffiti, trespassing, and more.

United Security Services provides highly qualified, trained, and trustworthy Lawndale Armed and Unarmed Security Guards to protect your property, possessions, and people. Before joining our team, the guards have to go through a comprehensive background check that includes previous employment verification, civil court history, a credit check, drug testing, personal reference checks, motor vehicle report, and more.

Lawndale Security Patrol Services

The Lawndale Security Patrol Services from United Security Services offer a cost-efficient solution and effectively improve the protection at an expansive property in Lawndale. At United Security Services, we provide competitively-priced Security patrol services in well-marked and fully-testified patrol cars with insured and licensed security officers.

Lawndale Fire Watch Services – Affordably Priced and Available 24 Hours a Day

In case your fire alarm system or sprinkler system is impaired, you can rely on our licensed, trained, and experienced Lawndale Fire Watch Service guards to patrol the affected areas at your Lawndale, California site.

Security Equipment Installation & Remote Monitoring in Lawndale, CA

United Security Services is also a premier choice of our Lawndale clients for remote monitoring and Security Equipment Installation. With years of hands-on experience in installing and monitoring video equipment, motion detectors, and alarm systems, our CCTV monitoring team uses the best wireless security business techniques and practices.

Additionally, United Security Services’ Security Equipment Installation & Remote monitoring services in Lawndale, CA services come packaged with a standing Lawndale security guard. Your Lawndale site will be well-monitored all day long, and our armed or unarmed security officer will always be on his toe to address any issues if your alarm system is triggered. Ask us for a free quote today!

Lawndale Event Security

United Security Services holds an impeccable record for providing exceptional private Event Security services to our Lawndale clients. Our Lawndale Event Security officers are fully licensed, highly experienced, and are trained by retired police officers on all aspects of event security.

No matter what your Lawndale Event Security needs are, you can trust the security experts at United Security Services.