Combat crime in Lancaster with 24-hour security guards and private security services

We know that Lancaster is an excellent place to live and to run a business, especially with its outdoor areas and its gorgeous views. However, property crimes, particularly robbery continue to be a big problem for this area. The presence of such criminal activities should prompt business owners to think twice about the security of their possessions, property, and people. For some, this means installing deadbolts on their doors, keeping valuables at a safe place, remembering to set their alarms, and following other recommended safety tips. For others, this means investing in Lakewood private security services (such as standing guard services, corporate security guards, event security, vehicle patrol, and security equipment installation). At United Security Services, we customize our private security services to meet a unique set of security/protection needs of our every client, and every service is available 24 hours a day/7 day a week.

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United Security Services offers its customers with a wide range of private security services including armed security guards, unarmed security guards, event security, fire watch and security patrol services. Additionally, we have customized our every security service to meet the specific needs of our Lancaster clients. For example, we can provide our industrial clients with warehouse security guards, whose duties include managing parking lots, providing logistics/transportation security, and shipping and receiving assistance. Give us a call today to receive a free consultation for private security services at your Lancaster location.

  • Armed security guards in Lancaster: We understand that our clients’ security needs are paramount, and that’s why we employ the best-armed security guard staff to protect our clients’ property, possessions, and people. Every static guard in our large team is vigilant, licensed, vetted, and dependable. The training and flexibility that our Lancaster armed security guards demonstrate mean that we can quickly respond to our client’s security needs around-the-clock.
    Rigorous vetting ensures that the Lancaster Armed security guards fit with our values and philosophy while industry-leading training prepares them for deterring would-be criminals.
  • Unarmed security guards in Lancaster: The Lancaster unarmed security guards’ team of United Security Services works hard to develop both external and internal routes to protect our client’s interests. The pattern of these external and internal routes is randomized to not only protect the interests of our clients and but also to protect their premises with signage that lets would-be criminals know that our client’s property is safe and secure. Our Lancaster unarmed security guards team come up with a customized security plan as per the security needs of the clients and regularly checks on their property as defined in the action plan.
  • Event security services in Lancaster: To deal with several scenario situations in Lancaster, we train our event security officers by investing our time and energy. The training we provide to our Lancaster event security officers encourages their confidence to protect our reputation among our clients and in the security industry.Our Lancaster event security guard officers perform their duty by checking and screening all the guests and visitors and by ensuring they have the authorization to be present at the event. Our Lancaster security officers carry out a patrol of the entire venue and pro-actively deal with any problem that can occur. They provide clear and concise records throughout the event by liaising closely with our client’s team on all issues.
  • Fire Watch Services in Lancaster: United Security Services’ fire watch services ensure that client’s premises are secure and protected from the threat of fire. If there is any hot work taking place (such as welding) at your site or your alarm systems and sprinklers are not working for longer than four hours, consider hiring our fire watch services.
    Our Fire Watch services will equip your industrial, residential, and commercial area with one or multiple dedicated fire watch officers. Our Fire Watch officers possess the necessary expertise, are well trained and highly experienced to properly carry out fire watch work.
  • Security patrol services in Lancaster:Whether quietly stationed in shopping mall parking lots or riding along residential neighborhood streets, United Security patrol vehicles can deliver maximum crime deterrence and vigilance. Our Lancaster patrol services are an increasingly popular choice for every type of organization. United Security patrol services include:
    Marked and unmarked security vehicles
    • Tight patrol zones for fast response
    • Patrol performed by United Security supervisors
    • Visible patrol units outfitted with a GPS and onboard dispatch Daily or weekly patrol log reports