La Habra Heights

Welcome to United Security Services: Your Best Choice for Private Security Guard Services in La Habra Heights, California

At United Security Services, we know that even the best of communities are not immune to crime. Crime statistics and police blotter activity for the La Habra Heights area show that crimes occur daily and are an ever-present concern. That is why United Security Services has developed private security services that are designed to maximize your safety. Through committed armed and unarmed guard services as well as 24-hour alarm reply, vehicle patrols and wireless security equipment, we can help keep a check on thefts, assaults, auto thefts, arson, vandalism, trespassing, loitering and a broad range of unwanted behaviors.

Call licensed, bonded, and insured United Security Services today and speak with one of our experienced security professionals. We offer free, on-site consultations for anyone interested in private security services in La Habra Heights. During our discussion, we will discover your security requirements, concerns, vulnerabilities, aims, and estimates and take into account any crime trends for your business or local area, before presenting you with a customized security program.

Our Private Security Services Include the Following & More

  • Fire Watch
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Response
  • Wireless Security Equipment Installation
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Standing Guards
  • Supply Chain and Logistical Services
  • Building Lock Up and Alarm
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Event Security

Call today. General inquiries are always welcome and all client information is kept strictly confidential. Despite the high quality of our services, we keep our prices very competitive. If you get a quote from any other local security company that has rates lower than ours, we guarantee to meet or beat it.

Dedicated Security Services for La Habra Heights, California, Neighborhoods & Businesses

If you feel that your property can draw the attention of burglars, car thieves, and other criminals. These criminals normally take advantage of open windows, unlocked cars, abandoned equipment, dimly lightened parking lots, and other possibilities where the risk of getting caught is low. At United Security Services, we discourage such criminal activity by offering an increased security presence through the use of motion detectors, video surveillance cameras, alarm systems, mobile patrols, guards and more. By doing so, a criminal is more likely to move on from your La Habra Heights property, to discover a more easy target. Call and learn about our private security solutions for your home, community, business, or event in La Habra Heights, California.

Short-Term and Long-Term Guard Services in La Habra Heights, California

United Security Services offers customizable guard services for any security need in La Habra Heights, whether that’s a short-term event guard, an overnight guard for a few days, or a long-term gate guard. We always provide a licensed, highly trained security guard, excellent customer service, and low rates. Call and tell us about your security requirements and we’ll set up an on-site consultation to plan a security solution for you.

Professional Security Guard Services for La Habra Heights, California: Deter Crime, Enhance Your Property Value, Mitigate Conflicts, Gain Peace of Mind, & More

Located next to La Habra Heights is the bustling community of La Habra Heights, California, where any of our private security services can be of use. We guard your private property, public facility, business center, shopping center, warehouse, theater, or manufacturing facility. We provide short-term and long-term security guard services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We offer very competitive prices. Call us today and learn more about our security guard services in La Habra Heights, California.

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Whether you want a dedicated security guard at a business center in La Habra Heights or a standing guard to watch over expensive equipment or artwork, United Security Services can help. Our armed and unarmed security officers experience thorough background checks and engage in on-going trainings delivered by retired police officers. We offer committed round-the-clock security services. Our guards are BSIS-certified and managed by a highly experienced team. Call us today to learn more about why we offer some of the best security services in La Habra Heights.