United Security Services, Duarte: The Best Choice for Dedicated, Professional Armed & Unarmed Security Guards and Vehicle Patrol Services

Hiring an experienced and professional guard company to provide private security services to your Duarte business can provide several invaluable benefits, including:

  • a reduction in your risks and liabilities
  • a reduction in criminal activity (theft, trespassing, vandalism, etc.)
  • a reduction in your business insurance premiums
  • improved surveillance
  • improved customer service
  • an increased sense of safety and security among employees and patrons

At United Security Services, we work hard to ensure that you receive these benefits and more. By customizing the security plan and services for each Duarte client we can get a clear understanding of their unique security needs as well as their potential threats and vulnerabilities, and develop a strategy to effectively address them. Our security plans are highly successful because they are developed by highly trained security personnel with decades of experience among them and implemented by thoroughly qualified armed and unarmed security officers. Moreover, because we look for innovative ways to maximize the effectiveness of your security plan, we can stay extremely competitive without having to compromise on the quality of our services.

United Security Services is a licensed security guard company in excellent standing with the Contractors State License Board in California. We are also a licensed C7 contractor which means that we are qualified to install low voltage security and surveillance systems, such as alarm systems, motion detectors, CCTV and video cameras, and more. We have an extensive list of satisfied customers throughout Southern California and maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, we meet (and in most cases exceed) California’s requirements for insurance and will increase our limits upon a client’s request. Our Duarte security services include:

  • vehicle patrol services
  • alarm monitoring and response
  • event security
  • logistics security
  • fire watch
  • stationary armed and unarmed guard services
  • mobile armed and unarmed guard services
  • wireless security equipment installation and surveillance
  • opening and closing services (lockup and alarm)

All of our security services are performed by highly experienced, licensed security officers, who have passed an exhaustive hiring process that included several interviews, background checks, reference checks, employment history verification, credit checks, drug testing, and extensive training. Our training starts with mandatory subjects, such as the power to arrest, terrorism awareness and weapons of mass destruction; community and customer public relations; observation and documentation; communication and its significance; and liability and legal aspect. It continues with ongoing training in trespass; evacuation procedures; post orders and assignments; access control; company policies/orientation; criminal laws; preserving the incident scene; handling difficult people; and other supplemental security topics. Some of our guards also go on to earn their firearm and/or baton permit, as well as CPR and first aid certification. This level of training more than meets the requirements set by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

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Duarte, CA Foot, Bike, Golf Cart, or Vehicle Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol services are one of the most widespread security services among our business customers in Duarte because they are very useful at curbing illegal action and developing a secure environment for both your workers and clients. While our mobile patrol services are fairly priced, we still can offer outstanding mobile patrol services. These highly visible services are delivered by BSIS-licensed guards who patrol properties of every type and size. Patrols can be done in a marked car, by golf cart, on a bike or foot. Call today to discuss the best way to implement a foot, bike, golf cart, or vehicle patrol security program in Duarte.

Short-Term & Long-Term, Armed or Unarmed Standing Security Guard Services in Duarte, CA

United Security Services gives Duarte enterprises with cost-effective and dependable standing security guard services. This service consists of having armed or unarmed security officers posted at one or more positions throughout your site who are completely committed to your site’s safety and security. Our guards can be hired for a few hours, a day, or for an elongated amount of time. They can also be instructed to make certain distinct post order duties, such as to watch entry access, provide validation stickers, distribution of visitor badges, search belongings, keep visitor logs, keep inventory/truck logs, and more. To learn more about our Duarte armed or unarmed security guard service, call us today.

Transportation Logistics Security, Duarte, CA

United Security Services gives transportation and logistics security services to enhance the security and safety of your company and its supply chain in Duarte. These services are customized to match each company’s special circumstances but can include the following: standing security guards, mobile patrols, timekeeping, dock designation, truck inspections, shipping inventory management, material tracking, and Cal-OSHA audit fulfillment. These services are given by our highly qualified security guards who are all BSIS testified and trained and supervised by highly experienced personnel. Call today for a free cost quote and consultation.

Guard Security for Black Tie Events, Corporate Events, Concerts, Conventions, and More in Duarte, CA

United Security Services has years of expertise giving security services for events in Duarte. Our event security service is intended to decrease your hazards and accidents, control undesired actions, improve safety and security, and enhance the experience of your attendees. We perform this by developing a security plan especially for your event and employing guards who are specialists in access control, crowd management, emergency preparation and response, evacuation planning, rules and regulations implementation, bag searches, fire watch, patrol, and standing security guard. The stellar quality of our comprehensive event security services makes them perfect for everything from grassroots events to black-tie dinners. Call today for a customized security plan for your next event in Duarte.

Fire Watch Services, Duarte, CA – Uniformed Security Guards Trained in Noticing Early Signs of Fire

Our fire watch services, you can expect to have a BSIS-certified guard who will diligently tour your site and keep watch for early signs of fire or other hazardous circumstances. This service is crucial if you wish to operate your business when your fire alarm or sprinkler system is malfunctioning or under maintenance. It can also be required by a fire code official if you plan to host an event or assembly in Duarte where public safety seems to be at risk. Our fire watch services are fairly priced, trustworthy, and compliant with California’s Fire Code. Call today for a quote.

Duarte, CA Wireless Security Equipment Installation and Surveillance – Packaged with Guard

United Security Services is a C7 licensed contractor and an expert in the installation and placement of security alarms, motion sensors, video surveillance cameras, and other CCTV systems. Our security equipment is very affordably priced. These are available for rent on a short- or long-term basis. Each wireless security equipment installation and surveillance service in Duarte comes packaged with guard, and can be provided in conjunction with other security services, such as our 24-hour alarm monitoring and response and mobile patrol service. To decide what will best suit your security needs in Duarte, call today.

Duarte, CA Alarm Response Services Packaged with Vehicle Patrol – 24-Hour Monitoring & Prompt Dispatch

Trust United Security Services to watch and examine alarms on your Duarte property. We operate 24/7 and have the means and potential to react to triggered alarms at a moment’s notice. Once an alarm is triggered, one of our local vehicle patrol guards will be sent to your site and fully examine what made the alarm go off and decide if the police or fire department requires to be summoned. Our guards will also create a comprehensive conflict record for you. Call us today for a quick, free quote. We will match or beat any competitor’s quote.

Duarte, CA Opening & Lock Up Services – Packaged with Vehicle Patrol

One of the most economical and effective ways to secure your Duarte business site is to invest in United Security Services’s opening and lockup services. This service is designed to provide you with an elevated level of safety and security that just isn’t possible with an untrained employee that you assign to these responsibilities–it’s why many insurers provide discounts on business insurance premiums when a company invests in professional opening and lock up services. At United Security Services, our guards are not only highly trained and experienced, but also licensed by the State of California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. They arrive on site, dressed in uniform, and are 100% dedicated to properly securing your site. Our guards thoroughly inspect your premises as well as all entry points before locking or unlocking your building. Additionally, we can supplement this service with mobile patrols and/or 24-hour alarm response services. Call today for a free consultation and quote.