Welcome to United Security Services: Your Best Choice for Private Security Guard Services in Compton, California

At United Security Services, we know that even the best of associations are not safe from crime. Crime statistics and police blotter activity for the Compton area show that crimes occur regularly and are an ever-present concern. That’s why United Security Services has formed private security services that are intended to maximize your safety. Through committed armed and unarmed guard services as well as 24-hour alarm response, vehicle patrols, and wireless security equipment, we can help prevent robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, trespassing, loitering, and a wide array of unwanted behaviors.

Call us and speak with one of our expert security professionals. We offer free, on-site consultations, during our consultation, we’ll learn about your security requirements, concerns, vulnerabilities, purposes, and estimates and provide you with a customized security plan.

Our Private Security Services Can Include Any of the Following & More

  • Fire Watch
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Response
  • Wireless Security Equipment (Video Camera & Motion Detector) Installation
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Standing Guards
  • Supply Chain and Logistical Services
  • Building Lock Up and Alarm
  • Event Security
  • Parking Enforcement

Call today for general queries. We offer high-quality services, with competitive prices.

Dedicated Security Services for Compton, California, Neighborhoods & Businesses

At United Security Services, we keep a check on criminal activities by offering an increased security presence through the use of motion detectors, video surveillance cameras, alarm systems, mobile patrols, guards, and more. By doing so, a criminal is more likely to move on from your Compton property, in the hopes of finding an easier target. Call today and learn more about our private security solutions for your home, community, business, or event in Compton, California.

Short-Term and Long-Term Guard Services in Compton, California

United Security Services gives customizable services for any security need in Compton, whether that’s a short-term event guard, an overnight guard for a few days, or a long-term gate guard. No matter how long you need our guard services, you’ll always get a licensed, highly trained security guard, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. Call us and we’ll set up an on-site consultation to design a security solution for your needs.

Professional Security Guard Services for Compton, California: Deter Crime, Enhance Your Property Value, Mitigate Conflicts, Gain Peace of Mind, & More

Whether you have private property, public facility, business center, shopping center, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, we’ve got you covered. We’re equipped to provide short-term and long-term security guard services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We offer very competitive prices. Call us today and learn more about our security guard services in Compton, California.

Call Today for Private Security Services in Compton, California

Whether you want a dedicated security guard at a business center in Compton or a standing guard to watch over valuable equipment or artwork, United Security Services can serve you. Our armed and unarmed security officers undergo thorough background checks and partake on-going trainings by retired police officers. They offer committed, round-the-clock security services, are BSIS-certified, and are expertly managed by an experienced team. Call us today to learn more about our services in Compton.