10 essential elements for a security guard

10 essential elements for a security guard

1. It’s one of the most crucial pieces of gear a security guard may have. Even if you haven’t been assigned a job throughout the day, it’s still necessary to have one.

Furthermore, a flashlight can be used for protection. Many flashlights are heavy and can be used to strike, if necessary.

2. Baton: Batons are another important piece of protective equipment for security guards los angeles. For starters, they have a deterrent effect. Just the fact that you have one on your belt can be enough to ensure that things stay calm.

3. Boots: A good pair of boots are extremely important. They can make the difference between going home with sore legs and a sore back, or going home without any aches and pains.

4. Seat belt: This element is also very important, as it allows the guard to carry in an orderly manner many of the things that he needs and to which he can access quickly.

5. Pepper spray: Having this spray in the team can be one of the best ways to temporarily suppress an attacker, without causing any permanent damage to that individual.

6. A mobile phone: All security guards must carry a mobile phone with them. Although much of the communication you are going to do is through a walkie-talkie or any other radio device, a mobile phone will give you the ability to quickly call the competent authorities or the fire department when required.

7. A heated vest: Many security guards work in cold climates, where it can be uncomfortable to work and function properly. Even if you live in warmer climates, you may have to work at night in times when it is very cold.

8. Digital camera: A digital camera can be extremely useful, especially if it has video capabilities. You can take pictures of the property, people, vehicles, crime scenes – almost anything that may be relevant to your work.

9. A pistol: Obviously, you need specialized training to carry weapons. Just because it’s on your belt, in a holster, it can keep an area under control.

10. A Mini-First Aid Kit It can be very useful to take care of someone without having to look for one.

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